Discover the Joys of One Bag Travel

With just one bag, travel is faster and more fun. Low stock. 40% off while supplies last.


"In your travels you’ll meet two kinds of tourists — those who pack light and those who wish they had."

Rick Steves

"Don’t waste your prime travel time standing around a conveyer belt hoping that you’re bag will be in the next round. It’s a fantastic feeling to jump off the plane and bypass all of those suckers waiting for their luggage. "

"You need less than you think you do. That’s true for travel and it’s probably true in life as well. Certainly, you’ll need to pack more than just your wallet, keys, and phone, but generally speaking I believe we are better off packing less and trusting ourselves more."

James Clear


Because of its shape and soft shell, the Continuum maximizes usable space. Your trips will be faster and more enjoyable when you can carry all of your stuff with none of the baggage.


An outer pocket gives you easy access to your laptop as you make your way through airport security. When you get to your destination, use our optional laptop sleeve as a minimalist laptop bag.


It’s a backpack and a shoulder bag. We find the shoulder bag works best for short trips while the backpack helps us grab a few hours to explore. Tuck in all straps and the Continuum stows at your feet on public-transit.


We stand behind what we make. If your Continuum bag or sleeve suffers from any defect in materials and workmanship we’ll repair or replace it.


US Customers who buy the Continuum Bag will get Free Priority Shipping. Orders placed before 2pm ET will ship the same day.


We provide free returns of any unused bags or sleeves within 100 days of purchase. If you’re not happy with your Continuum, simply email us and we’ll send you a shipping label.

When you travel with just one bag…

Carry Options: It’s a backpack and a shoulder bag. Either way your hands are free.

Laptop Friendly: Front pocket accommodates up to 15″ laptops. Optional sleeve converts into minimalist laptop bag.

Premium Materials: PVC-Coated ballistic nylon, ripstop, beefy zippers and double stitched seams throughout.

Ultra Light:At just 2.5 lbs, it’s a third the weight of most carry-ons.

Your trips just go more smoothly.

Just Right Sizing: Its 30 L capacity gives you all the room you need for most trips – enough room for longer ones but not so much for shorter ones.

Real Shoe Pockets: Two collapsible endcap pockets provide room for two pairs of shoes or a trip’s worth of dirty laundry.

Built for Surprises: When you travel with wheeled luggage, you can only got where it goes. With the Continuum, you are free to explore. With a free included waterproof rain cover, you’re ready for anything.

Stores Easily: The Continuum can actually hang up in your closet, giving you back precious storage space.

Security is faster; you have more leg room; you are free to explore.

Easy to Pack: Unlike most backpacks, the Continuum opens all the way up, making it was easy to pack and access your stuff on the road.

Fast Through Security: Our fleece-lined TSA stash pocket keeps your valuables safe as you make your way through security.

Grab and Go: Flexible handles on all four sides make it easy to get on or off of any form of transit quickly and easily.

Keep your Phone Charged:We built a pocket specifically for your USB chargers so you can keep your gadgets juiced up all day.

Keep your Keys and Start the Party:  Prevents you from losing your keys while traveling. We included a bottle opener so you can enjoy craft beverages more easily while traveling.

Once you try traveling with one bag, you’ll never carry two bags again.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Continuum can easily handle a three to four night trip. If you’re an efficient packer, you can get five to seven nights from a bag that will fit in any overhead bin, even on international and commuter flights.


The Continuum is a 30 L bag.  We’ve never found a carry-on size limit it wouldn’t fit, and if it’s not too full, you may be able to sneak it in as a personal bag.

  • Length: 50 cm (20″)
  • Height: 34 cm (13.5″)
  • Depth: 18 cm (7.2″)

Because it isn’t a rigid bag, its size may vary with load.


The shell is made of an innovative PVC Coated 300D Ballistic Nylon. Most premium bags go with a heavier weight, but uncoated nylon. By adding the PVC coating we’re able to offer awesome protection (including fray resistance) with a lighter weight fabric. In terms of look and feel, the finer denier (basically thinner fibers) impart a softer hand-feel than you get from heavier denier bags.


Yes, the bag is coated to protect against spills and moisture but it is not ‘waterproof’ per se. For good measure, we’re including a free waterproof rain cover as well.

Some manufacturers charge up to $40 for just the rain cover, but we think it’s the right thing to include it.


We recommend you periodically wipe your bag with soap and water to keep it clean. It is not meant to be machined washed as the straps may snag.


We offer free returns and exchanges for unused bags and sleeves within 100 days of your order (US customers only). Here’s the process:

  1. First, you must contact us at to obtain approval for the return. If you send us a return without an RA#, we will not be able to process it.
  2. Upon approving your return, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label including the RA#.
  3. Once we receive your item, we’ll process your return and refund your card for your purchase price.


We built the Continuum to make traveling with your laptop simple and easy. To do this we built a matching laptop sleeve that slides into the main bag until you’re ready to use it. Attach our included strap and it actually becomes its own bag.

  • Two Sizes: If your reward includes a sleeve, you’ll get to choose a 13″ or 15″ size when you complete your backer survey. As far as sizing goes, the 13″ easily fits both MacBooks and MacBook Airs. The 15″ sleeve accommodates most 15.6″ laptops. The largest laptop we tested was this Dell, which is 15.1″ x 10.1″ x ~1.2″.
  • In-Sleeve Charging: Our double-zippered ingress opens wide enough that you can charge while your laptop is safe in its case.
  • TSA Compliant: We comply with TSA specs so you don’t have to remove your laptop from the sleeve to x-ray it.
  • Becomes a Bag: Our included d-rings attach to the bag’s strap so you have a perfect small bag while you’re on the road.


Yes! While this isn’t a “bag for runners” we found that most bags just didn’t serve runners well. We offer two big shoe pockets for running shoes or to keep your dirty laundry separate.


The Continuum packs flat so you can store it easily. It even hangs up in your closet.