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A Mr. Davis Original

The Undershirt that...

won't show. stays tucked. keeps you comfortable. makes you look better.

We’ve combined the best fabrics with an obsessive attention to quality and detail to make the best undershirt you’ll ever wear. And because we sell direct to you and keep our overhead low, you can wear the best for half the price of competing premium undershirts.

Soft, Airy Fabric

Incredibly soft, with built in venting to maximize airflow.

Incredible Support

Our innovative pouch provides just the right amount of lift and support. 

Comfort Guarantee

If you don’t love your first pair, well refund you.

Love them or your first pair is free.

The most comfortable underwear. Guaranteed.

Painstaking precision. Premium Fabrics. Amazing Durability and Comfort.

Dale S

I don't know how you managed to arrive at this color, but it is perfect for me, a pasty white guy. It's better than any heather grey undershirt I have. It's better than the twice-as-expensive "flesh tone" undershirt I bought. You should patent this color.

Amazon Customer

The underwear are the most comfortable I have ever worn. They conform to my body and provide unique and comfortable support for every day use and athletic use. Surprisingly they don't require continuous adjustments throughout my daily routine. The t-shirts stay tucked in and are practically invisible under dress and sport shirts, even layered with workout shirts.

Charlie D

I've searched the world for the perfect white dress shirt that is not transparent. It does not exist. But just when all hope was lost, my wife suggested searching for the perfect undershirt, which I found thanks to you. My only regret is that I thought all undershirts were the same for so long. I was sorely mistaken. I'm ordering more now.

Jean-Sebastien D

Got mine on monday, and just like my Mr. Davis undershirts, they are the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever worn !! Wow, I will be ordering more for sure!! To anyone hesitating on getting either the undershirts or the new underwear... STOP RIGHT NOW!! This is the best product you can find, plus the price is more than reasonable!

Macsen V

LOVE THEM! Got them in the mail on Monday and wore them at work all day yesterday. I do landscaping so I sweat all day long. Most undies get uncomfortable as the day goes on. I never even thought about these until I got home and took em off to shower.

Jason I

I have tried a dozen different undershirts, and even thought I had found the best. That is until I tried Mr. Davis. From the fabric to the cut to the length, these undershirts are the best I've ever worn.

Greg W

Best underwear ever! I signed up with Mr.Davis a couple years ago to get the undershirts, which are very comfortable, and the underwear has not disappointed. Looking forward to future products. Socks? Maybe a long sleeve undershirt for sleeve tattoos under dress shirts?

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The World's Best Undershirt

  • The Softest Undershirt: With incredibly soft premium bamboo viscose, you’ve never felt anything like this before.

  • The Best Fitting Undershirt: Twelve size combinations over two cuts means you can dial in a body specific fit. No more bunching and adjusting. Plus you look better.

  • The Most Invisible Undershirt: Our tone fabric is designed to hide under your shirts across almost any skin tone.

About Mr. Davis

We make the stuff you wear every day. And we make it comfortable.

  • Reward customer loyalty: The more you buy the more you save. We keep prices low all the time so you never feel like you missed a deal.
  • Work with the best factories: We choose quality and craftsmanship over lower production prices.
  • Treat our team well: We offer flexible scheduling, pay our warehouse team are at least $17 / hour, and provide a 4% 401(k) match for all employees, even part-timers.
  • Make things right: We try to limit mistakes, but when something goes wrong, we try to make it right.

We Take Care of Customers

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