The Last No Show Socks You'll Ever Buy

They stay on, they last forever, they wick moisture. Five sizes for the perfect fit.


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Most no show socks slip your heel because they are one size fits all. We offer five sizes to make sure our socks fit both your feet and your shoes.


With a light terry toe and heel, a compressive arch and nano-tech wicking fibers, you’ll be much more comfortable with Mr. Davis on your feet.


It seems like everything these days is built to throw away. Most no show socks disintegrate after just a few wears. We like things that last. Our socks are built to last for hundreds of wears.

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Closed Instep

Won’t show with running shoes, golf shoes and many sneakers.

Compressive Arch

Provides support and light compression. You can go from work to the gym in these.

Silicone Grip Insert

Provides extra grip to keep heel in place all day.

Performance Footbed

Wicks moisture, provides light padding and compression.

Five Sizes to Dial In Your Fit

Keeping your feet comfortable means keeping your feet dry.

Your feet can sweat 8 ounces a day. To keep your feet dry, our socks capture and wick all that moisture.

Absorbency is how quickly moisture moves from your skin to a fabric. By binding to moisture at microscopic levels, our nano tech fabrics do this faster than other polyesters.

Wicking is how fast moisture moves through fabric. Our fabrics move and evaporate moisture with incredible efficiency so your feet are always dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven’t answered your question below, email us at

How long will Mr. Davis socks last?

All Mr. Davis products are made from great materials and will hold up to everyday use for a long time. If you follow our care instructions our socks can last for years. If you experience any defect in workmanship within one year, we’ll send you a replacement pair.

Why do you use Sorbtek® for the socks?

Because your feet need to be dry to be comfortable and Sorbtek® is one of the best moisture management materials ever made.

How should I wash my Mr. Davis socks?

Our official advice is to wash on cold and dry cool. In reality we wash and dry on warm and the socks don’t suffer much for it. When you pull them out of the dryer they’ll look a little smaller, but they’ll stretch back out to normal size when you put them on.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to more or less the whole world. Our full country list is on our cart page. Just select the drop down and hopefully we’ll be shipping you something soon!

What's your return policy?

Mr. Davis allows free returns and exchanges for unused, unworn and unwashed merchandise within 100 days of purchase (US customers only). To initiate a return or an exchange, visit our return policy page. Here’s the process to return an item:

  1. Before you return your item, you must contact us at to obtain approval for the return. If you send us a shirt without an RA#, we will not be able to process your return.
  2. Upon approving your return, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label including the RA#.
  3. You must ship your return to us within 5 days of receiving your label or we may not be able to process your return.
  4. Once we receive your item, we’ll process your return and refund your card for your purchase price.

How do I exchange an item from my order?

If you have issues with sizing or selection we provide FREE shipping both ways on exchanges (US only) of your Mr. Davis to get you in the right product. We use the same process we do for returns. We cannot exchange international orders at this time.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Email us at if you need to make special payment arrangements.