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The Most Comfortable Long Johns

★★★★★ (4.8/5)  50,000+ happy customers.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “These are life changing. I wear them any day the weather is cold and I am so much more comfortable than I used to be. I enjoy getting out in the Winter much more now.” – Jeremy C

  • Soft, stretchy, thin fabric is perfect for long johns.
  • Anatomical “shelf” pouch gently lifts and supports.
  • Life changing comfort. Love them or first pair is free.
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These long johns surprised us.

We prototype lots of different pieces at Mr. Davis, but most of it never makes the cut. On a whim, we tried making a longer – to the ankles really – version of our classic bamboo underwear, and we knew the first time we tried it that we had a winner.

These long johns are just unbelievably comfortable. The key is that you wear them instead of your normal underwear whenever it’s going to be cold. Growing up, we only wore long johns when we were playing in the snow, skiing, hunting, or some other outdoor pursuit. The beauty of these is that they can be effectively worn as winter underwear. If the temp is less than 40 F, you’ll be more comfortable.

Stock up and Save More the More You BuyMr Davis Discount Pricing

Learn more about our bulk pricing here.

  • Buttery soft 96% Bamboo viscose / 4% Spandex.
  • Supple and stretchy to move with you.
  • Helps regulate body temperature via built in mesh.
  • Thin enough to wear anything from jeans to dress pants.

Anatomical Pouch

They fit just like our Standard Cut boxer briefs, so you get no-compromise support and fit with a (much) longer cut. 

Temperature Regulation

Inner-leg vents provide cool air flow where you need it most even as the bamboo fabric helps to keep you comfortable.

Premium Materials

Made from ultra premium materials throughout, we still charge far less than our competitors because our business model is designed around lower prices. 

The Secret to Cool Weather Comfort:

Wear Long Johns Every Day

Our premium fabric combination keeps you warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. When you wear our long johns, you'll work out more. You'll walk to lunch more. You'll be more comfortable lounging around the house. It's a better way to enjoy the winter.

Instructions for Use

You probably don't realize how cold legs make colder weather uncomfortable.

Follow these simple steps and you'll actually look forward to Winter weather.


Check the Weather.

If it's lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit...

Wear these instead of normal underwear.

You can put on your jeans or trousers as usual.

Experience Thermal Bliss.

You'll be so much more comfortable. You can walk outside. You can wear them to the gym. You'll just wonder how you got through the winter before.
Save 20% when you buy five. Just $23 / pair on 10+

Better pricing is part of our philosophy.

If you're going to wear long johns frequently like we suggest, they can't be prohibitively expensive. We've built our business around lower prices than our competitors so that customers can come back when they need more. Other retailers have to charge more when they spend a fortune on branding, have sexy offices in big cities, and have investors who need to get paid back. We would rather not have outside investment, be in a boring Midwest office park, and rely on the word of mouth of our customers so that we can save you 50% and still make the most comfortable long johns you've ever worn.

Size Chart

If you want more room or a looser fit, buy a size larger than you normally buy. If you don’t love your first pair, you get to keep it on us. We also offer easy returns and exchanges to help you dial in the right fit.

Buy it for Life

Great long underwear lasts. Find any defect in your Mr. Davis, just email us and we'll replace it.

Direct to You Pricing

We sell direct to you to offer lower prices. Brands with equivalent finishes cost 1.5-2x more.

Easy Returns

100 Day Easy returns on any unworn merchandise. We think you'll love them but we're here just in case you don't.

The Best Fabric You've Never Felt

  • Stretch Bamboo Viscose is 3-4x softer than cotton and much nicer than Modal, which some of our competitors offer (at higher prices we might add). We think it’s the perfect every-day fabric for underwear and our customers agree.
  • Our 110 gsm Polyamide Venting fabric is so air permeable you can actually feel little puffs of air on your nether regions. The air flow helps minimize moisture accumulation.
  • Premium band elastics won’t bind or fold and last for years of heavy washing.
  • All in all, you’ll forget you’re wearing our drawers. You’ll just be more comfortable.

Try Our Long Johns Before They're Gone

Our stock is limited on these most excellent long johns, and it’s not even that cold yet. Get yours before they’re gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven’t answered your questions here, hit our chat icon or email us at

What's your return policy?

Mr. Davis allows easy returns and exchanges for unused, unworn and unwashed merchandise within 100 days of purchase (US customers only). To initiate a return or an exchange, visit our returns page. Read our return and exchange policy here.

Does Mr. Davis offer free exchanges?

If you have issues with sizing or selection we provide FREE shipping both ways on exchanges (US only) of your Mr. Davis to get you in the right product. We use the same process we do for returns. We cannot exchange international orders at this time.

What is the fabric composition of the long johns?

Our underwear body is composed of 96% bamboo viscose and 4% spandex, while the venting between legs is 110gsm Polyamide.

Are Mr. Davis Long Johns Built to Last?

Absolutely. We have a motto around here: Buy it for Life. We’re tired of companies making stuff that you have to throw away after a season or two. Our long johns are made from great materials and will hold up very well to every day use. If you follow our care instructions our long johns can last for years. If you ever experience any defect in workmanship outside of normal wear and tear, email us a picture and we’ll replace them.

How do Mr. Davis Underwear fit so well?

Because we obsessed over the details to get the fit just right. Our underwear are designed to be a little snug but delightfully comfortable, so you get the support you need without pinching or riding up.

Our Magical Pouch design gently lifts your package to prevent skin on skin contact, chafing and the need to constantly adjust. Once you try our underwear you’ll never want to go back to normal underwear.

How should I wash my Mr. Davis Underwear?

Heat is generally the enemy of fabrics and Mr. Davis is no different. We advise you wash and dry on cool if possible. If you don’t, your products will still last, but may fade or shrink a bit.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to more or less the whole world. Our full country list is on our cart page. Just select the drop down and hopefully we’ll be shipping you something soon!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Email us at if you need to make special payment arrangements.

50,000+ Customers – upgrade your daily comfort.

Gary M:

Received mine a week ago, I absolutely LOVE them, they are incredible. By far the best underwear I’ve ever owned.

Joshua P:

I love the pair I ordered! Being a big guy (300lbs) these feel great. Even at the end of a long work day they hold their shape while still being soft and comfortable. Sometimes it feels like I’m not wearing anything.

Gee M:

I Love them they are very comfortable and supports my package I have a couple pair I have to order more.

Bryan P:

Loving them. Just the right balance between contain and freedom of movement. Count me impressed.

John G:

Phenomenal product! Excellent value…awesome fit especially in the right places. I definitely like the vented crotch. Best boxer briefs I’ve ever worn.

Steven G:

Ordered boxer shorts…A+ service and quality….thank you.

Gary M:

They look sexy and feel amazing. Hopefully they hold up well. I just opted for the 3 pack but I want more, I never want to wear another brand again.

Jean-Sebastien D:

To anyone hesitating on getting either the undershirts or the new underwear… STOP RIGHT NOW!! This is the best product you can find, plus the price is more than reasonable!

Reed C:

All fits are amazing. Now I know where to get underwear for the rest of my life.

Robert B:

MUCH more comfortable than my 2xist. I need extra support in the form of anatomical pouch…this pouch provides great support without pinching. I’m very excited with this pair and plan on replacing all of my 2xist with Mr. Davis.


Got these for my boyfriend. Says they’re the best underwear he’s ever worn/owned. Thanks again! He’s never been a happy customer in the underwear department.

Jean-Sebastien D

Got mine on monday, and just like my Mr. Davis undershirts, they are the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever worn!! Wow, I will be ordering more for sure!!

Zachary J :

wow. just like the shirts. Your undies are great.

Paul M:

These underwear are absolutely great. I have several other pairs of premium underwear from other manufacturers and these are either on par or surpass at a great price point. Can’t wait to purchase more from Mr Davis. Great work guys!!!

Aaron B:

Thanks for the great customer service. Your products are much better than Mack Weldon.

Macsen V:

LOVE THEM! Got them in the mail on Monday and wore them at work all day yesterday. I do landscaping so I sweat all day long. Most undies get uncomfortable as the day goes on. I never even thought about these until I got home and took em off to shower.

Anthony G:

Great support, and soft material, feels like nothing on. Great underwear. Just used the long johns on a really cold ski trip in Colorado and they were awesome!

Andy S:

Best underwear I ever owned.

Paul O:

I got a pair last week and I usually sweat a lot wearing certain other underwear and I wore these and didn’t sweat at all down there all day. Thank you so much for a great pair of underwear.

Scott P:

I just ordered 3 pair and I would have to agree. The most comfortable underwear I’ve ever had.

Larry B:

I ordered two trunks. Loved them, ordered 10 more.

Steve P:

Love the underwear and the long johns are absolutely out of this world comfortable!!!

Terry A:

Love these underwear! Ordered two of the trunk style. They’re Amazing so I just ordered 2 more pair. Yippee! Thanks.

David M:

These are awesome. Like wearing nothing. Perfect fitting.

Ildefenso D:

Most definitely the most comfortable pair of underwear, and I have at least 25 different brands. I love the two I ordered, need more colors.

Jeffrey W:

I love these, I found them a few months back and I’m up to 5. Just ordered the deep V T. Love the feel and look however should have ordered a Large rather than Medium.

Jay W:

The best…threw out all my other briefs.

Ceir C:

Wearing them for a few weeks now. They are awesome. Would like a larger pouch, but everything else is perfect. Best waistband of any underwear I’ve tried. Comfortable material and excellent fit.

“V Dawg”:

Amazing. The last thing I needed was more boxer briefs but wanted to order your masks and they are fantastic but also ordered for a boxer briefs and they are amazing.

Rob G:

Love the trunk briefs. I have been trying to find something for comfortable that doesn’t sag by the end of the day and ordered one pair to try and four more pair immediately afterward. Love these.

About Mr. Davis

We make the stuff you wear every day. And we make it comfortable.

    • Reward customer loyalty: The more you buy the more you save. We keep prices low all the time so you never feel like you missed a deal.

    • Work with the best factories: We choose quality and craftsmanship over lower production prices.

    • Treat our team well: We offer flexible scheduling, pay our warehouse team are at least $17 / hour, and provide a 4% 401(k) match for all employees, even part-timers.

    • Make things right: We try to limit mistakes, but when something goes wrong, we try to make it right.

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