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  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.8/5) 50k+ Happy Customers!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “These are the best. They last forever. The undershirts I bought 4 years ago are still in good condition with heavy use. Just re-ordered some more” – Max
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Tailored Cut

Traditional Cut

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The Best Undershirt

No undershirt made today offers the quality of materials, 13 size and cut combinations for a perfect, stay-tucked fit, and color selections that work with everything you wear. We have obsessed over perfecting our undershirt and have earned our 4.8★ at Amazon, a very rare 4.9★ at Google Stores which you can only get with over 98% satisfaction.  No nice undershirt is as affordable, and no affordable undershirt is as nice.

Stock up and Save More the More You BuyMr Davis Discount Pricing

Learn more about our bulk pricing here.

  • Deep cut v-neck. (1″ deeper in Tailored cut)
  • 13 Size and Cut combinations.
  • The best bulk pricing discounts in the industry.
  • Stay-tucked length.
  • Multiple colors, including our proprietary tone color that hides under light colored shirts.
  • Free 100 day returns and exchanges on unworn / unwashed shirts.
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.
  • Easy customer service – you can email us at or call us at (833) 291-2907 if you ever need anything.
  • Buttery soft 96% Bamboo viscose / 4% Spandex.
  • Supple and stretchy to move with you
  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • Sizes XS – XXXL

The Softest Fabric

Our ultra-thin 96% Bamboo Viscose, 4% Spandex blend is way softer than any cotton shirt you’ve ever felt. Because of the stretch, it moves with you. You’ll hardly know it’s there.

Engineered to Fit

Tailored and sewn to 10 mm tolerances with durable seams and refinement throughout. We sweat the details so that you are more comfortable all day, every day.

Stays Tucked

No more constant retucking. Our shirts lie flat and trim. Because of our longer fit and unique cuts, they stay tucked throughout the day.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed.

What makes the best undershirt?

Using the best fabrics, providing the most cut and fit options, and backing it with the kind of service you can't find anywhere anymore. Normal undershirts are boxy and made of thick fabrics that fall apart quickly. Ours are designed to offer a broad range of body types a perfect fit using a stretchy, luxurious fabric that lasts for years. And if you ever have a problem you can just call or email us and we'll take care of it.

Don't ever write reviews but i have to say that these shirts are excellent. I've bought almost every brand out there (2xist, Banana Republic, underfit, tommy john, etc.). These by far have held up the best over time - no shrinking, no staining in the armpits, no pilling.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want customers for life. That means making things right if we mess up and getting you in the shirts that fit you the best. If you ever have an issue, let us know. We’ll make it right.

Direct to You Pricing

Unlike most brands, who sell through retail chains, we sell direct to you to offer lower prices. Undershirts with equivalent fabrics and finishes cost 50-100% more at retail stores.

100 Day Returns

Our priority is getting you into the right fit, even if that means an exchange. If the fit’s just not right for you we offer easy returns on any unworn merchandise for up to 100 days.

Size and Cut Details

We offer 7 sizes across two cuts for a total of 13 different options for you to dial in your perfect fit. Many customers have some of both cuts depending on their overshirt. You can wear the same size in both cuts, but we recommend sizing down on traditional. A medium traditional will give you more room with less length than a large tailored for example.

Tailored Cut

  • Designed to follow contours of your body without being compressive.
  • Cut in at the waist and back out at the hips for comfort.
  • Will fit close but not too tight.
  • V neck designed for “two buttons unbuttoned”

Traditional Cut

  • Designed to fit like a classic tee – the one you don’t want to take off.
  • Cut with zero taper for a roomier, but not bulky fit.
  • Perfect to wear as a lounge or sleep shirt for men or women.
  • V is 1″ shallower than Tailored Cut.

Tailored Cut

Traditional Cut

With Mr. Davis, No One Can See Your Undershirt.

Images taken in identical conditions with no manipulation.


With a White Undershirt

You can see the v neck and sleeves under many light colored dress shirts.


With a Tone Undershirt

The undershirt disappears. Our tone color works for both light and dark skin.

50,000+ Customers – upgrade your daily comfort.

Jason I:

I have tried a dozen different undershirts, and even thought I had found the best. That is until I tried Mr. Davis. From the fabric to the cut to the length, these undershirts are the best I’ve ever worn.

Gary V:

Best ever. I love these especially the tan ones as I find myself wearing more and more white dress shirts.

Walt D:

Seriously love your undershirts! They are the softest, most comfortable shirts I’ve ever worn.

Paul V:

Best plain black shirt I’ve ever worn plus they got mask now which our really comfortable definitely worth the price plus I’m going to be a customer for life

Eddy F:

The best undershirts and underwear I’ve ever had. I’ve been a customer for years. Go VIP and get a few shirts or undershorts delivered every month or every few months. It’s been great .

James W:

Great undershirts! Comfortable and invisible.

Charlie D:

I’ve searched the world for the perfect white dress shirt that is not transparent. It does not exist. But just when all hope was lost, my wife suggested searching for the perfect undershirt, which I found thanks to you.

Charlie D:

My only regret is that I thought all undershirts were the same for so long. I was sorely mistaken. I’m ordering more now.

Dale S:

I don’t know how you managed to arrive at this color, but it is perfect for me, a pasty white guy. It’s better than any heather grey undershirt I have. It’s better than the twice-as-expensive “flesh tone” undershirt I bought. You should patent this color.


I’ll be honest, I was skeptical of this product…could it really be all that it was advertised to be? Let me tell you… this shirt ROCKS!


I immediately tried it on under 5 of my favorite shirts, all different styles, and it just works! I am SO glad I got the 3-pack, and I would be shocked if I ever throw on a white cotton T again.

Nick P

I wasnt sure how the bamboo fabric would be as i had never even heard of it, but its SO soft. wearing any other undershirt now is going to feel like i strapped hay to myself.


I consider myself a connoisseur of men’s clothing and I have to admit the quality, style, fit and feel of these products surpassed my every expectation. Great Value for the price. I will forever be a lifetime buyer and supporter of your products.


Fantastic product, just amazing! Extremely soft comfortable material, form fitting, not restrictive and very breathable. It’s literally a climate controlled protective layer that completely tightens and smooths out your appearance.

David L:

Staying tucked in is one of the many things about this shirt that stood out for me. I’m really glad to know that this shirt is long and comfortable. I have a feeling I’ll be ordering many more of these and taking advantage of the referral program.


Awesome shirts guys. Can’t even feel it on my body. Fantastic. Thanks!

J. Thomas:

It’s hard to get excited about undershirts, but these shirts ROCK!

Christopher B:

Might be the most perfect undershirt ever conceived. The bamboo shirt is just “elastic” enough to hug your body without being tight. Really an incredible shirt.

Amazon Customer:

Amazing shirt and the seller is very helpful. I strongly recommend everyone to buy their products.


The tone is close to my skin color, so the shirt remains unseen under my white dress shirt. More than 7 months and dozens of washings later, shirt is as good as new! Amazing value!

Richard T:

Just wanted to say that your shirts are the best I have found, by far.
You’ve really put thought into the fabric, fit, colors, and shape, and it shows. Thank you!

Marlon D:

Very soft and comfortable and fits really well. I love the materials used; keeps me dry and cool. I would highly recommend it.

Amazon Customer:

Don’t ever write reviews but i have to say that these shirts are excellent. I’ve bought almost every brand out there (2xist, Banana Republic, underfit, tommy john, etc.). These by far have held up the best over time – no shrinking, no staining in the armpits, no pilling.

Nick P:

My shirt arrived this morning and before i left for lunch i switched undershirts to it. immediately i turned to my buddy who joined me for lunch ‘i need more of these’

Amazon Customer:

Other brands seem to degrade in quality as you wear them and wash them more. These are pricey but are worth it.

Amazon Customer:

I held off and only purchased one but it has held up well over the last nine months and have subsequently purchased more.


I had a lot of skepticism going into this purchase but these shirts are incredible. Perfect length for tucking and the sleeves and collar won’t be visible under your shirts, even with one button undone.


When I wore it yesterday, a very warm day, I realized that it was much softer and more comfortable than any other cotton undershirt I have ever worn…These are AWESOME.

Ken W:

I love these t-shirts! They’re my go-to summer wear. Comfortable, stylish, and they last forever.


Mr. Davis solved my ‘perfect undershirt’ quest. It is fitted yet not binding. Its long torso stays tucked, and the v-neck allows an open top button without revealing the undershirt’s presence.


Expensive but worth the money. Gave this as a gift to my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and it fit perfect and he loved it! I read the reviews and I ordered a small because he is 5’11 and weighs about 165Ibs.

I. Nunez:

I have been looking for an undershirt in a tone color, I don’t like the feel of a cotton Tshirt under my dress shirt. This feels like I’m not wearing an undershirt. It keeps me dry.

Scott E:

These shirts are so nice and comfortable, Amazon has a 6 pack that brings them down to just below $20 a shirt.


Insanely soft. The tan color works great under light colored shirts. Highly recommended.

Rich S:

I have purchased 12+ combo of underwear, T-shirts and socks over the past few months for my hubby and me. Could not be happier with the customer service or products. Beyond happy here in San Francisco!

Scott S:

Just got mine in the mail. I love it !!!! Will be ordering more. Thanks.


Oscar M:

These are the best. They last forever. The undershirts I bought 4 years ago are still in good condition with heavy use. Just re-ordered some more.

George M:

Surprising only because they are as good as I hoped. T shirts fit perfectly, not too long or too loose. Briefs are enormous supporting but not tight. Everything wears without being noticed. Nice.

E. Mendicelli:

Great quality and fit. Very impressed. Larger neck opening allows for open collars without undershirt showing. Had occasion to contact customer service and response was outstanding.


Randy W:

Placed my second mask order and grabbed a couple t-shirts to check them out. Customer service is excellent!! Had a question and they answered same day.

Ron D:

I got my shirt last week and feel horrible when I have to take it off. The other day it needed to be washed and I looked at my old undershirt and just couldn’t put them on. I’d rather go without than wear something other than my Mr. Davis.

Deanna V:

I have to say. I ordered two black crew tees. OMG I work in security and we have to wear black undershirts. THESE are by far the best feeling tee under a uniform I’ve ever worn. THANK you Mr Davis. I was thinking 25$ for a tee shirt was a little much BUT you get what you pay for. I LOVE them. Most comfortable I’ve ever owned. ❤️🥰❤️

See why we have 98% satisfaction. It's time to change your undershirt.

Easy returns and exchanges. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven’t answered your questions here, hit our chat icon or email us at

How are Mr. Davis undershirts cut?

We have two cuts. Here are the key details:

  • Our Traditional Cut fits more like a traditional t-shirt. The Tailored cut is for people who prefer a more athletic cut, or who are lean through the waist.
  • On both cuts, the sleeves are shorter than a polo sleeve and allow for unrestricted movement.
  • On both cuts our V is a little deeper than a standard V neck. Our aim is for our shirts to hide, so we think it’s a feature, not a bug. If you like a shallower V, we suggest you err on the small side when you pick your size.
  • If you prefer a more snug fit, and you are on the borderline of our size chart, you may want to size down.

Mr. Davis undershirts are designed to be comfortable, no matter your body type.

What is the fabric composition of the undershirts?

Our undershirts are made from 96% bamboo viscose and 4% spandex.

Why do you use Bamboo Viscose for the shirts?

Because it’s great stuff. Technically, it’s one of the softest fabrics in the world. Combined with spandex, it stretches to make you feel like you’re not wearing an undershirt.  Lastly, it has a lot of the characteristics of advanced technical fabrics in that it wears cooler than cotton and wicks moisture off your body to make you feel comfortable. For sustainability, we believe bamboo is a better product than cotton. Unlike cotton, which requires massive amounts of water to grow, bamboo requires almost no irrigation. And while there is some physical and chemical processing required to weave bamboo into cloth, it grows so fast that it’s sustainable. We think it’s a responsible environmental choice.

How should I wash my Mr. Davis undershirts?

Our official advice is to wash on cold and dry cool or hang dry. In reality we wash and dry on warm and the shirts don’t suffer much for it. They will wear a bit more and shrink a bit when you treat them poorly, so keep that in mind.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to more or less the whole world. Our full country list is on our cart page. Just select the drop down and hopefully we’ll be shipping you something soon!

What's your return policy?

Mr. Davis allows returns and exchanges for unwashed and quickly tried-on undershirts within 100 days of purchase (US customers only). If you don’t love your first pair of underwear, we will ship you a new size/style or issue a refund. No return required. Besides your first pair of underwear, all other pairs must be returned unopened and in the original packaging. We cannot issue a refund for any underwear pairs that have been returned opened. We have to assume they have been tried on unless given prior approval by us.

Return Options:

  • Return for refund ($6 restock fee)
  • Return for online store credit (No restock fee)
  • Exchange, partial or full (No restock fee)
  • Received wrong item(s) (No restock fee)

Below is the process to return an item if you do not want to use our automated returns page. Or you can check out our new automated returns page here and create a return or exchange yourself.

Read our return and exchange policy here.

How do I exchange an item from my order?

If you have issues with sizing or selection we provide FREE shipping both ways on exchanges (US only) of your Mr. Davis to get you in the right product. We use the same process we do for returns. We cannot exchange international orders at this time.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Email us at if you need to make special payment arrangements.

Where are the shirts made?

Our undershirts are made in China in a factory that we’ve been working with for seven years.

About Mr. Davis

We make the stuff you wear every day. And we make it comfortable.

    • Reward customer loyalty: The more you buy the more you save. We keep prices low all the time so you never feel like you missed a deal.

    • Work with the best factories: We choose quality and craftsmanship over lower production prices.

    • Treat our team well: We offer flexible scheduling, pay our warehouse team are at least $17 / hour, and provide a 4% 401(k) match for all employees, even part-timers.

    • Make things right: We try to limit mistakes, but when something goes wrong, we try to make it right.

We Take Care of Customers

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Connect with Us

Mr. Davis Clothing
6347 W 110th St
Overland Park, KS 66211
833-291-2907 (toll free)

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